Writing in the Disciplines

Writing-In-the-Disciplines (WID), along with more traditional writing-across-the-curriculum approach, are part of a broad spectrum writing-across-context programs. At the University Writing Center, it is our goal to support a broad range of students and writing in specific fields, majors, and schools by providing an opportunity to work with tutors majoring in the same discipline.

To maximize the learning experience, we currently employ 33 writing consultants who represent over 16 disciplines and programs. The diversification of our staff allows the WID program at the University to be more aware of changes in writing and be more agile in responding to writing in various disciplines whether it is the biology lab reports or a collaborative mechanical engineering project.

In 2013, UWC initiated a pilot program with Writing Fellows to support writing in mechanical engineering and natural resources. Writing Fellows are selected by faculty members from specific departments, and the UWC Director, to support writing projects specific to the two courses: Mechanical Engineering 452 and Natural Resources and Environmental Science 485. This specialized writing support allows students to work directly with disciplinary writing consultants and to provide course-specific writing support for small groups.



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