Grant Writing Components

Researching and Writing a Need Statement

  • GrantSpace Research Directory
    This collection of links compiled by the Foundation Center provides an excellent starting point for statistical research in a wide variety of fields.
  • A Guide to Using Data in a Needs Assessment
    This page briefly describes the purpose and objectives of a needs assessment and includes a list of tips that distinguish between unhelpful and helpful types of data to include in a proposal.
  • A Guide to Writing the Needs or Problem Statement
    This comprehensive guide outlines the creation of a needs statement with examples that are most relevant to community-based projects. This resource is ideal for those who are new to the proposal writing process.
  • Sample Needs Statements For Scientific Research
    These two statements from Johns Hopkins help illustrate successful needs statements that are written for scientific research projects.
  • Sample Needs Statement For a Community-Based Program
    This very thorough needs statement for a substance abuse program highlights the use of statistics and data organizers (tables, graphs, and maps) to clearly describe a community problem.
  • Writing a Grant Needs Assessment for Educational Program
    This guide from Scholastic provides a brief step-by-step overview and two sample needs statements written for educational funding.

Evaluation Reports

  • The National Science Foundation's User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation
    This comprehensive guide covers the basics of project evaluation from the perspective of NSF's educational programming.
  • The Logic Model for Program Planning and Evaluation
    This guide from the University of Idaho succinctly describes the components of the logic model, a communication tool that can help proposal writers plan and describe their project and evaluation methods.
  • Outcomes for Success
    This guide from Organizational Research Services describes how to design project evaluations based on intended outcomes. This guide is particularly useful for community-based projects.