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Grant Writing Components

Researching and Writing a Need Statement

Evaluation Reports

  • The National Science Foundation's User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation
    This comprehensive guide covers the basics of project evaluation from the perspective of NSF's educational programming.
  • The Logic Model for Program Planning and Evaluation
    This guide from the University of Idaho succinctly describes the components of the logic model, a communication tool that can help proposal writers plan and describe their project and evaluation methods.
  • An Evaluation Resource Guide for Arts Programming
    This guide from the Nevada Arts Council offers not only a basic framework for creating project evaluations, but also specific ideas for evaluation methods that are tailored to arts projects, such as performances or museum exhibitions.
  • Outcomes for Success
    This guide from Organizational Research Services describes how to design project evaluations based on intended outcomes. This guide is particularly useful for community-based projects.

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