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Faculty Development Workshops

Communication and Composition in the Disciplines Brown Bags

These brown bags provide opportunities to discuss and prepare for the implementation of the Silver Core's CO1: Effective Composition & Communication. This implementation will precipitate changes for departments and programs, and these changes can be productive opportunities for investigating options and planning. The emphasis here is on making the best use of existing resources and minimizing additions to courses and curricula. In short, we want to help you work smarter rather than more and harder.

The series will start with where students should be by the end of their Core Writing courses, the foundation from which disciplinary composition and communication builds. Next, we will focus on the 'nuts and bolts' of how departments and programs can effectively and efficiently develop their student' composition and communication between Core Writing and capstones. Third, our focus will turn to capstones, for which disciplinary composition and communication prepares students. Our final brown bag will focus on curriculum and course-level questions related to moving students along effectively toward the competencies necessary for capstones and beyond. The directors of the University Writing Center and Core Writing Program will be available at all four brown bags.

All members of the campus community are welcomed to participate. Participants are encouraged to bring lunches with them; drinks and snacks will also be provided. No reservation is necessary, but it would be helpful to let Bill Macauley ( or ext. # 46038) know you are planning to attend (so he can make sure you have a cookie or two waiting for you). The 2014-15 brown bags are scheduled for:

 Faculty Writing Retreats

Didn't get as far as you wanted with your scholarship this summer? Is there an idea you are eager to get started on? A significant project coming up? Existing projects vying for your attention or piling up? If only you could set aside a block of time to focus on that important work. Well, you can! Come to one or more of our Faculty Writing Retreats this year and get some good work done. The premise is simple: we set aside a quiet space for you to share with your colleagues, provide food and drink, and write/work together. 100% of participants responding agreed that FWRs motivated them; 99% planned to participate in future FWRs; and 94% met their own goals for the FWRs in which they participated. The FWRs are all scheduled to precede campus breaks so they can be the start of ongoing productivity. Seating is limited to 10 participants per retreat, so reservations are required. All members of the campus community are welcomed to participate. Contact Bill Macauley with questions and/or to make reservations: or ext. # 46038.

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