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Wolves on Wheels

Commuting Students at Nevada

Commuter student

More than 80% of Nevada students live off campus.

Even though Nevada boasts a beautiful traditional campus setting with plenty of on-campus housing, the majority of our students are in fact, commuters. We attribute this fact to the reality that there really are all types of students with all types of circumstances- no "one-size" or type of experience fits all. That is why Nevada has created an informational and social outreach program called-

Wolves on Wheels

Wolves on Wheels helps off-campus students stay in the campus communications loop so to speak through social media, emails, events and other types of campus outreach efforts. Studies show that the more engaged a student is on campus, regardless of where they live, the more likely that student will have a successful college experience.

Wolves on Wheels also  understands that when you live off campus your social circle likely includes non-students and that is why we've created the "Buddy Pass". This pass is available for Nevada students to invite their non-student friends to attend events on campus with them.

Join the majority of our students and sign up for Wolves on Wheels. Follow us on Facebook. We're here for students like you!

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