Nevada National Guard Fee Waiver

NRS 396.544 Waiver of fees for members of Nevada National Guard; eligibility for waiver; verification of membership in Guard; reimbursement upon failure of recruit to enter Guard.

1. The Board of Regents of the University of Nevada may grant a waiver of registration fees and laboratory fees for any member of the active Nevada National Guard, including, without limitation, a recruit, who attends a school within the System as a full-time or part-time student. For the purpose of assessing fees and charges against a person to whom a waiver is
granted pursuant to this subsection, including, without limitation, tuition charges pursuant to NRS 396.540, such a person shall be deemed to be a bona fide resident of this State.
2. To be eligible for a waiver pursuant to subsection 1, a person must:

(a) Be a member in good standing of the active Nevada National Guard, including, without limitation, a recruit, at the beginning of and throughout the entire semester for which the waiver is granted; and
(b) Maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average, on a 4.0 grading scale, each semester, or the equivalent of a 2.0 grade point average if a different grading scale is used.

3. The Board of Regents may request the Adjutant General to verify the membership in the active Nevada National Guard of a person who is seeking or has been granted a waiver of registration fees and laboratory fees pursuant to subsection

1. The Adjutant General shall, upon receiving such a request, notify the Board of Regents in writing concerning the status and dates of membership of that person in the active Nevada National Guard.

4. If a waiver is granted pursuant to subsection 1 for a recruit and the recruit does not enter full-time National Guard duty within 1 year after enlisting, the recruit shall reimburse the Board of Regents for all registration fees and laboratory fees waived on behalf of the recruit if the recruit's failure to enter full-time National Guard duty is attributable to his or her own
5. As used in this section:

(a) "Full-time National Guard duty" has the meaning ascribed to it in 32 U.S.C. § 101(19).
(b) "Recruit" means a person who has enlisted in the Nevada National Guard but has not begun his or her required military duty.
(Added to NRS by 2003, 20th Special Session, 271; A 2005, 583)

* Classes not covered by Nevada National Guard Fee Waiver

If you choose a class from the University of Nevada, Reno course catalog, and the SECTION number includes the initials WC - the class is NOT covered by the waiver. If the section number does NOT have those letters, it is covered.

If you choose a class through the EXTENDED EDUCATION or INDEPENDENT LEARNING offices (or their literature containing course offerings) - you must contact Dawna in that office at 784-4062 to find out if an individual class is covered by this waiver.

How Do I Apply?

Instructions for Nevada National Guard Members

  1. This program is only for institutions of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE).
  2. Complete the NVMD Form 73WR3 and have your commander or designated unit representative sign it.
  3. Fax the completed and signed form to the Nevada Army National Guard Education Officer at (775) 888-7258. Or mail the form to the address noted below.
  4. The Nevada National Guard Education Officer will issue a control number to your unit commander or designated representative and they will write it on your form.
  5. You must fill out a separate NVMD 37WR3 form and receive a separate control number for each school attending each semester.
  6. This is not a reimbursement program. You must submit this form to the Cashier's/Bursar's Office of the institution to which you are enrolled at the time you pay your fees. A portion of the fees under the program guidelines will be waived. You are responsible for paying any fees not waived under the program.
  7. Forms must be submitted to the Cashier's/Bursar's Office on or before the respective deadline for paying fees established at the NSHE institution you will be attending.
  8. See the Board of Regents' policy concerning criteria for maintaining eligibility (Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 13, Subsection 4(h) and 4(i)) above.

Students must send completed fee waiver form to:

Education Officer
Nevada National Guard
2460 Fairview Drive
Carson City, NV 89701-6807
COM: (775) 887-7326
FAX: (775) 887-7258

Air National Guard students may request fee waiver from:

Education Office
1776 National Guard Way
Reno NV 89502
COM: (775) 788-4543
FAX: (775) 788-4542

How Can I Get More Information?

Visit the Nevada National Guard Education web page.

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