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Useful Links

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Upward Bound has compiled a list of useful resources for you. The resources fall into the following two categories: Financial Aid and College & Career Resources.

Here is a brief list of Financial Aid, college, entrance exam, and career planning web sites. Take your time with each site; they will definitely provide great ideas.

Financial Aid


The most important resources are the Internet scholarship searches. Below is a list of web pages for additional resources. Keep in mind that these are just a few web pages listed that contain financial aid information. Ask your school counselors or local community agencies to recommend additional support. Aid is available; you just have to apply for it.

University Sites

College Selection Tools 

College Entrance Exams

Career Planning

COE & TRIO Links

This list is designed to give you an opportunity to explore information on our national organization (COE), regional organization (WESTOP), and other Trio related programs.

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