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Walk-in Labs

What is Walk-in Lab Tutoring?

Do you have a question about your homework for your university class? Are you having difficulty understanding a concept? You can stop by our walk-in labs in the DeLaMare Library or the Pennington Student Achievement Center to get help any time we are open. Stay for as long as you want and come back as often as you'd like.

Undergraduates you don't need to make an appointment - just show up! Each walk-in lab is facilitated by at least two tutors, one who covers math and physics and one who covers science. Our tutors are not limited to math and science tutoring, and many offer help in disciplines such as accounting, economics, engineering, foreign language, statistics and more. The walk-in schedules list which courses each of our tutors has taken, which makes it easier for you to decide which lab to visit and when.

Please note: You must attend your university class. Tutors do not provide primary instruction. Tutors provide supplemental support for your current university classes.

Don't see what you're looking for in the walk-in lab schedules? We can probably help you in a one-on-one appointment.

The schedule and locations for the different walk-in labs are listed below. For detailed information on tutors and classes covered, follow the links in the chart below. ALL SUMMER WALK-IN LABS WILL BE HELD IN THE DELAMARE LIBRARY MONDAY-THURSDAY FROM 10AM-4PM AND THE TUTORING CENTER (PSAC 320) MONDAY EVENINGS FROM 4PM-7PM.


DeLaMare Library Atrium,Mackay Mines Building

Monday through Friday


View the DeLaMare Schedule

Knowledge Center, Knowledge Nook

Sunday through Thursday

4pm-9pm (CLOSED)

View the Knowledge Nook Schedule

University Tutoring Center, Pennington Student Achievement Center



View the University Tutoring Center Schedule

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