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Fall Fees 2016

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for information about billing, payment options and refunds.

Undergraduate Fees
Graduate Fees
Medical School Fees
Housing Rates 
Fees are subject to change per the Board of Regents

Important Fall Dates

July 15: Individual tuition charges can be viewed in MyNEVADA
August 19:  Tuition due 
August 20: Late fees begin*
August 26:  Last day for Late Registration and to pay with late fees.
September 2:  Last day to receive 100% refund for dropped classes or complete withdrawals.  Refunds after this date will be issued for complete withdrawals only.
September 19: Second Payment Plan Installment Due
September 30:  Last day to receive 50% refund for complete withdrawals.  No refunds after this date.
October 19: Third Payment Plan Installment Due

 *For Fall balances, late fees are assessed at a rate of $25 per day to a maximum of $250. For Spring registrations taking place after August 19th, payment must be made the day of registration in order to avoid late fees. 

 Exit Interview for Graduating Loan Recipients
Graduating students who have the following types of loans are required by law to have an exit interview:
·         Nursing Student Loans
·         Garvey Rhodes Loan
·         Blundell Loan
·         Stafford Loans
·         Perkins Loans

Students with Perkins Loans, Nursing Student Loans, Garvey Rhodes, Blundell should contact the Loan Department, on the third floor of the Student Services Building or call (775) 784-6095 to schedule an exit interview.

Graduating students with Stafford Loans should contact The Office of Student Financial Aid, Employment, and Scholarship, Student Services Building, room 319, or call(775) 784-4666 to schedule exit interviews.

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