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What is a transgenic mouse?

A transgenic mouse is simply an organism that has had DNA introduced into, or deducted from, one or more of its cells artificially.

What are my chances of getting a transgenic founder?

We cannot guarantee numbers of founders or expression of the transgene or germline transmission because we cannot guarantee the viability of both the ES cells or the manipulated DNA that is given to us by investigators.

What do you guarantee?

We guarantee that we will inject at least 60 blastocysts implanted into at least 5 recipient mice to produce at least 15 pups for ES cell injections and we will inject and implant at least 125 oocytes into 5 recipient mice to produce at least 20 pups.

Do you guarantee a certain percentage chimera from ES cell blastocyst injections?

We have successfully produced 90 percent chimeras from all projects we have injected. However, the percentage of chimeras will depend on the viability of the cells given to us by the investigator.

How long before I get my mice?

We schedule your project in the queue for injection after we receive the relevant paperwork and confirmation of protocol. We allocate two weeks for each project to cover for days where injections cannot be done due to lack of plugged mice. Injection to mouse weaning will take approximately 6 weeks.

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