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Bob Felten at Opening Ceremony

The wisdom of the pack is the wolf, and the wisdom of the wolf is the pack

8/21/2015 • Kathie Taylor and John Trent
Opening ceremony welcomes new students, passes on advice from upperclassman, graduates.

Students move stuff into dorms.

7 important safety tips and traffic information for move-in day

8/19/2015 • Kathie Taylor
Motorists are advised that foot traffic increases with the start of the 2015 fall semester.

move in day

Welcome Back 2015

8/19/2015 • John Trent
With a new academic year looming, the campus scurries into readiness.

Learning what it means to be a Nevada student

8/2/2015 • Matthew Ravaglioli
Incoming students take their first step in preparing for their University journey at summer orientation.

Happy students moving into dorms

Plastic bins, pomp and circumstance: Students arrive on campus

8/22/2014 • John Trent
More than 2,600 students move in on Thursday; New Student Opening Ceremony held on Friday

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