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Student Success Series

College success at NEVADA in 30 minutes or less!

Check the schedule below or view the Events page for all the great programs happening this fall! More events are added regularly so be sure to check back often!

Journalism Students

The Student Success Series provides opportunities for students to gain information and experience on how to succeed in their collegiate career at NEVADA through a collaborative, campus-wide effort.

To promote this success, the Student Success Series offers a wide variety of programs presented by faculty, staff, and student leaders.  Programs range from topics related to academic, social, and personal success to common concerns and questions first-year students have during their transition to university life.

By attending the Student Success Series programs, our goal is that students will:

  • Become familiar with campus and its resources
  • Have a successful transition to the University
  • Develop skills for academic success
  • Explore and plan for their academic and professional goals
  • Meet peers and learn about opportunities outside of the classroom
  • Develop personally and make choices that will help them achieve their goals

Upcoming Events

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