What Can I Study Abroad?

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Just because you're abroad doesn't mean you can't keep studying what you love or make progress towards graduation. Students from any major can study abroad and most courses you take abroad can be used to fulfill specific degree requirements

You can also use your time abroad to learn a language, add a minor, or complete general education requirements. Don't speak another language? Not a problem! All study abroad programs offer coursework in English. However, if you are interested in learning a language, you can complete up to 4 semesters of language instruction in just one semester abroad!

Use the guides below to explore programs by academic discipline and read through the following bullets for tips on how to best utilize the provided information. 


  • Consider all the courses you need to take to earn your degree and don't focus only on your major. 
  • Once you open any of the guides, use the CTRL+F function to locate specific course titles or numbers. 
  • USAC Specialty programs are listed first in each guide. We set the course offerings for these programs and, therefore, can show you exactly how courses taken abroad will appear on your University of Nevada, Reno transcript.
  • USAC Partnership programs are listed toward the back of each guide. These programs provide you with access to the entire curriculum available to study abroad students that is offered by the host university. Because this can be hundreds of courses, we don't list the UNR equivalencies in this guide. You can get more information on the specific courses offered on each Partnership program by emailing advising@usac.unr.edu; make sure to include the program location and type of coursework you are interested in your email. 
  • You can also visit the Program Search page of the general USAC website to search programs by academic focus. However, we recommend you start with the guides below because the general USAC website does not include UNR equivalencies. 

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