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Office of the Associate Dean of Students

Marcelo Vazquez, Ed. D.

Marcelo Vazquez

As the associate dean of students, Marcelo Vazquez oversees the departments of New Student Initiatives, the Office of Student Conduct, the University Victims AdvocateFraternity & Sorority Life, Student Persistence Research, and the Nevada Career Studio. The Associate Dean of Students is also the Chair of the Student Intervention Team, which supports and addresses issues of concern within the University student population. 

"My role is focused on making sure students feel part of the fabric of the University by working on three key areas: inclusivity, persistence and graduation," he says. "I'll coordinate with the six departments I oversee to strengthen a 'College Graduation Culture.'"

To meet the goal of a "College Graduation Culture," a term Vazquez has initiated, he intends to guide the quantitative analysis to shed light on what the University is doing right in helping students persist towards graduation and identify more opportunities for the University of Nevada, Reno to strengthen student persistence towards graduation.

"There is not much research about what universities are doing in establishing a college graduation culture to help students be successful," he said. "What we hope to do is identify what the key variables for the University are in establishing a college graduation culture so we can better understand how to best assist our students in persisting and succeeding in college so they can graduate in four to six years."

Vazquez brings 18 years of university administrative experience from three other universities to the position. He also brings a diverse background, as he is a first-generation, bilingual, Bolivian-American born in the United States.

Fraternity & Sorority Life

The fraternity and sorority community exists to promote a unified community of academic excellence, integrity, character and cultural diversity.

New Student Initiatives

New Student Initiatives strengthens every student's four-year graduation plan by providing tools to succeed academically, socially and emotionally in their first-year at the University of Nevada.

Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct administers the Student Code of Conduct, Policies and Guidelines that govern all students enrolled at the University of Nevada.

Student Persistence Research

Student Persistence Research guides all quantitative and qualitative analysis for the Division of Student Services, including program evaluation and assessment of student learning outcomes.

Career Studio

The Career Studio strengthens every student's four-year graduation plan by providing tools for students to craft their four-year plan designed to empower students to become competitive for today's knowledge economy.

Office of the Associate Dean of Students - Organization Chart

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