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Assessment with MAP-Works

Get to know your students with MAP-Works!

If you are a current MAP-Works faculty or staff user, you may create student reports, contact, compare, or track students via two types of filters:

  1. Survey Filters
  2. Global Filters - Example Reports using a group filter by college


  • Survey Questions - Download the Fall 2013 Transition Survey Questionnaire to identify the question number for a survey item you would like to use as a filter.
  • Self-Assessment Factors (20) - Download the Self-Assessment Factors and corresponding questions to review the conceptual constructs represented by groups of questions. Reliabilities are available if you would like to review them, please let me know.
  • ISQs - Institution Specific Questions (17) - Download the Fall 2013 Transition Survey ISQs. These are specific to Nevada programming interests.  If you are interested in contributing an ISQ for the Fall follow-up or Spring Surveys, please contact us.


  • Groups/Lists/Risk/Active - Download the List of Groups currently identified. Under this filter option is the Risk Indicator filter to identify Double High Risk, High Risk, Medium Risk, and Low Risk.
  • Profile - Download the Profile Items. Although most of these profile items are provided by the University at the request of MAP-Works, a few are reported by the student. MAP-Works lists more profile items than we provide information (e.g. we do not use the COMPASS achievement tests). Some of these items are used to calculate the Risk Indicator.
  • ISPs - Download the Institution Specific Profile Items of possible interest. These are specific to Nevada programming interests. Four ISPs do not yet have information loaded, specifically, the orientation the student or a parent attended, a DFS indicator, or a College Life 101 indicator. That data will be uploaded when it is available.

Assess your program's impact on student success and persistence!

MAP-Works makes it possible to assess the outcomes of your efforts and measure improvements in student success and persistence. MAP-Works is currently administered to first time, first year freshmen three times a year - twice in the fall, and once in the spring - this makes it possible to compare and assess change in attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors.

Download (pdf) reviewing MAP-Works Risk Rating and Predictors of Commitment to Nevada from the the December NETMAT.

Need help designing an assessment plan?

Email Jennifer Lowman, Coordinator Student Persistence Research and the MAP-Works Technical Administrator.

Interested in using MAP-Works to assess your students?

If you are interested in becoming a faculty or staff MAP-Works user, please email Cairn Lindloff, Director of New Student Initiatives and the MAP-Works Campus Coordinator, or email Jennifer Lowman, Coordinator Student Persistence Research and the MAP-Works Technical Administrator.

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