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Assessment Reports

Data collection is currently under way for 18 programs and over 70 learning outcomes.

These 2013-2014 assessment reports should be considered living documents - they are under construction as data collection continues over the course of this academic year!

Need more context? Review the assessment plans presented as posters for the Division of Student Services. 

Review brief summaries of assessment results put to use in this "Closing the Loop" brochure.

Learning Outcomes Assessment Reports Under Construction for 2013-2014 Academic Year

  1. Textbook Financial Management
    Office of the Associate Dean of Students
  2. Supplemental instruction Leaders Development: Semester Training & Portfolio Creation
    Tutoring Center
  3. Fraternity and Sorority President Leadership
    Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
  4. Measuring Student Learning at Orientation
    Office of New Student Initiatives
  5. STEPS: Educational Program for Student Success
    Office of Student Conduct
  6. Emergency Response Training Preparing Paraprofessionals
    Residential Life, Housing, and Food Service
  7. Customer Service Assessment
    Nevada Wolf Shop
  8. Career Mentor Training
    Nevada Career Studio
  9. Facility Supervisor (FS) Retreat
    Joe Crowley Student Union (CSU)
  10. ASUN Student Officer Development Plan
    Center for Student Engagement
  11. Student Leaders in Engagement Services Civic Development Program
    Center for Student Engagement
  12. Learning Outcomes for Counseling Process
    Counseling Services
  13. Assessing the Process of Learning the Livescribe Smartpen
    Disability Resource Center
  14. Intrusive Coaching for Academic Success
    TRiO Scholars Program
  15. Accuplacer Online Skill Builder Incorporated into Upward Bound Summer Academy
    Upward Bound
  16. Start Thinking About College (STAC) for Underrepresented Students
    Center for Student Cultural Diversity
  17. Facebook Integration Amongst Students
    Measuring Student Engagement Within Inigral Application
    Office of Prospective Students
  18. Check-In Meetings with International Students
    Office of International Students and Scholars
  19. Veteran Orientation
    Veteran Services

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