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A-Team Assessment Reports

Learning Outcomes Assessment Report

Eighteen programs and services in the division of Student Services are in the process of assessing learning outcomes for the 2013-2014 academic year. Over the last five months, data to assess over 70 learning outcomes has been collected.

We invite you to review these reports as they are constructed. These are living documents -- each is in its own stage of development. As living documents, we welcome your questions and feedback.

Each report contains four parts:

Part I:Introduction

Ties the Program Mission to Program Goals & Learning Outcomes

Mission - Why we do what we do!
Program Goals - Optimal outcomes we expect to achieve under ideal conditions
Learning Outcomes - Observable outcomes we measure under realistic conditions

Part II: Methodology

Describes the methodology, as well as major decisions and activities that went into the design process. We strive to make our assessment methods a process that can be replicated.

Part III: Results

Provides evidence of learning, data revealing variation in learning among participants, and an evaluation of whether or not the standard set to evaluate minimum learning was achieved. May also include a discussion of limitations that developed during the course of assessment that influenced the results.

Part IV: Plan of Action

Plan to use evidence for the improvement of programming, as well as the improvement of the assessment method or process. May also include a plan for disseminating results and discussing the implications of the results with other program professionals.

Access to the 2013-2014 Assessment Reports

The A-Team is compiling resources as we collaborate on learning outcomes assessment.

Review the A-Team's Assessment Reporting Resources

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