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The vision for the student leader program in the ASUN Student Engagement Center is to convert a traditional work environment into learning-outcomes based culture. When successful implementation is achieved, student leaders will learn skills beyond the practical aspects of their jobs (learning outcomes) that compare to the skills employers are looking for after graduation. Learning outcomes for employment will also support the academic mission of the University.  We hope to provide opportunities that will enhance student leaders with civic engagement, critical thinking skills, leadership skills and personal growth.

Learning Outcomes objectives for student leaders (Based off the CAS Learning Outcome & JV 2017)

Through employment within the ASUN Center for Student Engagement, students will be better prepared to:

 Knowledge acquisition, integration, construction, and application
Student Leaders will be exposed to various methods of researching and accessing information
Student Leaders will gain knowledge of organization and university mission

Cognitive complexity
Student Leaders will:
Think critically and creatively.
Use information to make informed choices.
Practice reflective thinking

Intrapersonal development
Student Leaders will be able to identify personal ethics and values

Interpersonal development
Student Leaders will be able to:
Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
Enhance interpersonal skills as they work as a team with co-workers.
Enhance customer service skills through service to others.

Human and Civic Engagement
Student Leaders will be able to identify and act on their civic responsibilities

Practical competence
Student Leaders will be able to:
Use technology to assist with their duties and responsibilities in the workplace
Demonstrate understanding of standards and expectations in the workplace
Organize priorities around time management in the workplace

Student Leader Dress Code & Expectations

Employee Self Service Site


  1. Outcomes Rubric
  2. Verbal Warning Form
  3. Violation Form (Write-up)
  4. Electronic Timesheet
  5. Student Leader Intake Form
  6. Student Leader Exit Form



  1. Student Director Self-Evaluation
  2. Student Director Evaluation

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