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Silver Paw Award

The Silver Paw Award 

The Silver Paw Award is a recognition program sponsored by the ASUN Center for Student Engagement. The goal of the award program is to recognize students who embody the ideals and spirit of an engaged student.

Student Engagement fosters the development of student's civic responsibility, responsible citizenship, leadership and personal growth. Recipients of The Silver Paw Award will exhibit this spirit, and will be a student that the University of Nevada, Reno is proud to call its own. This award will shed light on those students who typically don't receive recognition for their work but who deserves the campus community's appreciation.

Recipients of The Silver Paw Award will be chosen every semester during the academic year.  The student or group of students will receive a personalized plaque, and will have their profile and accomplishments displayed prominently on campus.

To nominate a student or a group of students for this award, follow the link below to the nomination form. Professors, advisers, community members, and students are encouraged to nominate whoever they feel would be a good candidate for this award.  Students are also encouraged to self-nominate.

Silver Paw Award Nomination Form

Silver Paw Award Recipients 

Spring 2015

Jordan Fugate

Nevada STEMducation

Photo of Jordan Fugate and Nevada STEMducation Receiving an Award

Jordan Fugate 
Nevada STEMducation

"There's something inspiring to a kid about working with college students." - Parent

For nearly three years now, Nevada STEMducation; formally Wolf Pack STEMducation, has made an impact on thousands of kids in the community and over the Western United States. STEMducation splits to be STEM and Education, reflective of the clubs goal to "Plug STEM and College Volunteering into Education". The club started in October 2012 when a semester prior, several students noticed they continued to meet up with each other at STEM-based events all over the Reno-Carson area. Students would describe the events as not only an escape from school, but also a door to something new. The members eventually started inviting outside friends to join in and in October, the club began as a way to formally create leadership opportunities for University students, and to create partnerships between organizations at the University and the outside - something the club still sees lacking today.

Since Nevada STEMducation's 2012 inception, it has been key on growth in the student body and key on growth in the community. With a membership of nearly 150 including outside individuals as well as on-campus students, the club has recorded over 10,000 volunteer hours and growing. In 2012, club founding President Justin Major won the "Northern Nevada Young Adult Mentor Award" for FIRST Robotics . Following after, the club started hosting massive events such as the "2013 FIRST LEGO League Championship", the "2014 MATHCOUNTS Competition", their 2014 Scholarship give-away to 5th graders "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" the "2015 FIRST LEGO League Championship", the "2015 MATHCOUNTS Competition", and the "2015 Northern Nevada American Regional Math League Regional Math Competition". The club has also attended its first out-of-state event this year with goals to do it more in coming years; STEMducation represented Nevada supporting some of the state teams in the "2015 FIRST Tech Challenge Western Super-Regional Robotics Competition" where the club also took the "Volunteer of the Year Award" for the Western United States.

The club since has won several awards to be proud of. Founding President Justin Major won the March 2014 "Silver Paw Award for Student Engagement" for the clubs work and the club followed suit after winning it itself in April 2015. Along with winning Silver Paw, April 2015, Nevada STEMducation took the "ASUN Community Service/Civic Engagement Club of the Year Award", and the "ASUN Program of the Year" for its work with the scholarship event "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader". Though the club prides itself on such awards, it is important to note that recognition is only a small piece of what the club aims to be. The club aims to be a community for new and old students, and a community for the community itself. The club hopes to break the bands of the University walls in hopes to allow more organizations on the outside to join the pack. There is University growth available, but it has to be mined by the University of Nevada and its students. The club aims to lead that initiative in the coming years as it grows ever larger and brings more events to campus.

Nevada STEMducation Group Photo

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