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Use of Campus Shuttle

This policy provides guidance to students, staff, and employees of the University of Nevada, Reno who ride the Shuttle Buses provided by Parking and Transportation Services. This policy applies to all shuttle bus riders, which includes on campus faculty, staff, students and visitors. The policy of the University/Parking Services prohibits the following acts on the Shuttle Bus:

  1. Smoking tobacco or any other substance, or carrying a lighted or smoldering substance in any form.
  2. Carrying aboard or consuming any alcohol in open containers or drinking alcohol.
  3. Carrying aboard any weapon except for weapons carried by peace officers.
  4. Carrying aboard any flammable substances except for matches and cigarette lighters.
  5. Carrying aboard any package or article of a size which will block any aisle, emergency exit, or stairway on the Shuttle Bus.
  6. Carrying aboard any animal not housed in an enclosed carrying container, or carrying a container which blocks or hinders travel in the aisle, emergency exit, or stairway. Service animals are allowed.
  7. Carrying aboard a stroller unless such item is folded and unoccupied. Strollers must remain folded while aboard the Shuttle Bus and must not block or obstruct an aisle, emergence exit, or stairway.
  8. Playing radios or other audio devices or musical instruments aboard unless the only sound produced by such item is emitted by a personal listening attachment (earphone) audible only to the person carrying the device producing the sound. An exception exists for peace officers, security guards, and for Parking Services officials while performing their official duties.
  9. Littering, discarding, or depositing any trash, debris, or offensive substances.
  10. Spitting, urinating, or defecating.
  11. Damaging, writing upon, or otherwise defacing or altering property.
  12. Fighting or engaging in any violent, tumultuous, or threatening behavior.
  13. Making excessive and unnecessary noise, or using profanity.
  14. Obstructing the free movement of passengers.
  15. Interfering with the safe operation or movement of a Shuttle Bus or operator.
  16. Standing or otherwise occupying any space in front of the white line marked on the forward end of the floor or otherwise conducting himself in such a manner as to obstruct the vision of the Shuttle Bus operator while the vehicle is in motion.
  17. Impeding the opening of, or interfering or tampering with, or otherwise obstructing the operation or use of, any window, door, or other emergency exit.
  18. Sleeping.
  19. Canvassing, soliciting, or distributing pamphlets or other documents unless authorized by a Parking Services official.
  20. Posting or removing any notice or advertisement unless authorized by a Parking Services official.
  21. Throwing any stone, wood, snow, or other substance at, into, or from the Shuttle Bus.
  22. Gambling or soliciting others to engage in gambling.
  23. Engaging in any activity prohibited by State, County, or Municipal law.
  24. Entering a Shuttle Bus through the rear exit door unless so directed by a Parking Services official or supervisor.
  25. Climbing through a window or extending an arm, leg, or head out the window the Shuttle Bus.
  26. Hanging onto or attaching oneself to any exterior part of the Shuttle Bus while the vehicle is resting or in motion.
  27. Loitering or riding the Shuttle Bus for extended periods for more than 2 loops, except for boarding, disembarking, waiting for a Shuttle Bus, participating in a Parking Services-sponsored event, or conducting legitimate business with the Parking Services or its representatives.
  28. Running or engaging in any horseplay.
  29. Refusing to leave a Shuttle Bus after having been ordered to do so by the operator of the vehicle, a security guard, peace officer, or Parking Services official or supervisor.

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