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School of Social Research and Justice Studies

ContactClayton D. Peoples, Ph.D. - Director, School of Social Research and Justice Studies
Phone(775) 784-4765
Fax(775) 784-1358
Location Office 209, Linoln Hall (LH)
Address 1664 N. Virginia Street
MS 300
Reno, NV 89557
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Department of Sociology

  • Dr. Johnson W. Makoba is participating in the FOCCAS Uganda women’s microfinance group session in eastern Uganda

  • Dr. Johnson W. Makoba, MA Thesis Advisor for Christopher Cook who received his Master’s Degree in May 2012

  • Dr. Mariah Evans, Associate Professor, led a 20-year study which showed parents who have books in the home increase the level of education their children will attain

  • Dr. Marta Elliott drafting a research proposal while riding a bus in Vietnam

  • From left to right, front row – Dr. Johnson W. Makoba, Dr. G. William Domhoff (keynote speaker, April 30, 2012). Back row – Dr. Markus Kemmelmeier, Dr. Karl Kreplin (Adjunct Faculty), Dr. Clayton Peoples, Dr. Lyle Warner, Emeritus

  • Left to right – Dr. Johnson W. Makoba, Dr. Markus Kemmelmeier, Dr. Berch Berberoglu, Dr. Mary White Stewart

  • Dr. Clayton Peoples, Dr. Markus Kemmelmeier and Dr. Marta Elliott

  • Dr. Marta Elliott with social psychology doctoral students in a seminar

  • Dr. Clayton Peoples on the campus of Harvard University, where he recently held a Fellowship in the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics

  • Prof. Berch Berberoglu with his Turkey Study Abroad Program students in front of the Haghia Sophia Museum in Istanbul, Turkey

  • Foundation Professor Berch Berberoglu, Director of Graduate Studies

  • Rocio Garcia earned her Master of Arts in Sociology in spring 2012, shown with her thesis advisor, Dr. Mary White Stewart

  • Dr. Clayton Peoples engages students in his SOC 207 (Sociological Theory) course

  • Dr. Jim Richardson with Dr. Solange Lefebvre of the University of Montreal, Canada, and James Beckford, Emeritus Professor of Warwick University, England at the New Forms of Public Religion Conference, Cambridge, England, September, 2012


The Department of Sociology offers both the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Sociology. The department also participates in an interdisciplinary program leading to the Ph.D. degree in Social Psychology. Courses offered by the Sociology Department examine the development of social classes, gender roles, racial prejudices, social analysis of politics, economic structure, the development of modern industrial society, religion, law, and a variety of other issues relevant to the study of society and social structure. These two topics are studied at two different levels: (1) theoretical understandings of major social issues through critical analysis; and (2) practical application of research skills through training in statistics and research methods. Sociology is an appropriate field of study for many students, including those minoring in anthropology, history, political science, economics, journalism, criminal justice, psychology, and business.

Dr. Berch Berberoglu - Professor and Chair

Dr. Berch Berberoglu Dr. Berch Berberoglu is Foundation Professor of Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Reno. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in 1977. He has been teaching and conducting research at the University of Nevada, Reno for the past 34 years. Dr. Berberoglu has written and edited 28 books and many articles. His areas of specialization include globalization, political economy, development, class analysis, political sociology, nationalism and ethno-national conflict, class/race/gender, and comparative-historical sociology. His latest book Political Sociology in a Global Era: An Introduction to the State and Society will be published by Paradigm Publishers in 2012. He is currently working on a new book titled America Beyond Empire: The Promise and the Vision for a New America in the 21st Century, which will be published by Paradigm Publishers in 2013.

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