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Effort Reporting

Effort Reporting is the process of confirming that an employee’s payroll distribution reflects a reasonable estimate of the employee’s effort on all Institutional Activities.

Faculty, staff, and students working on sponsored projects are required by federal law to report effort on sponsored projects on a systematic and reasonable allocation basis. This includes all permanent and some temporary employees, depending on their employment contract type.

Each individual working on a sponsored project is the primary person responsible for the timely and accurate completion of their own effort report. Principal Investigators (PI) are equally responsible to be certain that every individual working on their sponsored project has completed an effort report. Administrative units are expected to facilitate sponsored project management in order to enable the timely and accurate submission of effort reports. Additionally, administrative units should ensure that employees receive the appropriate training for their specific role in the Effort Reporting System.

Effort is the proportion of time spent on any activity and is expressed as a percentage of an employee’s Total Institutional Activities.

Although effort is used to support salary charges to awards, effort describes how an individual spent his/her time, not how his/her salary was funded.

Effort is not based on a standard work week but rather a proportion of the total effort expended on all activities. (100% Effort = Time required to complete Total Institutional Activities)

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