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About Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects Reports and Financial Statements

Review OSP financials and annual reports.

The Office of Sponsored Projects works with University employees, external sponsors and subcontractors to achieve funding for research and other scholarly activities and to provide oversight and advice on issues of federal, state, and institutional compliance, laws, and regulations. Sponsored Projects assists the university in assuring that maximum public benefit is derived from sponsored projects funding.


To use customer service skills and available technology to support and enhance the university's competitiveness and responsiveness to sponsors, faculty and staff and to insure institutional compliance with laws, rules and regulations inherent in sponsored research activities and programs. The Office of Sponsored Projects will provide seamless, customer-centered, services in securing and managing sponsored projects.

Value and Core Principles

  • The OSP staff is knowledgeable and creative in finding solutions.
  • The OSP staff is committed to assisting investigators and administrators across the campus.
  • The OSP staff is goal and result oriented.
  • The OSP staff value teamwork within the OSP office and with investigators, other university units and sponsors.
  • The OSP staff is committed to continuous evaluation and improvement in processes and services.
  • The OSP staff is customer oriented and believes in Win-Win solutions

Services Provided by Sponsored Projects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A source for identifying funding opportunities, for both general university information and specific areas of interest for research faculty.
  • A knowledgeable resource and advisor to Principal Investigators and University staff regarding Federal, State and Local Government, and other funding agencies' rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Reviews all proposals prior to submission (including revisions, supplements and continuations) for accuracy, correctness and legal sufficiency, considering agency requirements and University policies. Administrators will routinely check format, applications, budgets, and other parts of the proposal as part of the review process.
  • Advocate and act as steward for the policies and procedures for the University, the Vice President of Research and the sponsoring agency.
  • The Director of Sponsored Projects, as designated by the Vice President of Research, is the authorized institutional signature for the University of Nevada, Reno for all federally sponsored agreements and for all privately sponsored agreements with a value of less than $1M and 5 years in duration.
  • Negotiates the terms and conditions of awards and contracts with the sponsoring agencies and works with the Principal Investigator to incorporate adequate and correct statements of work and budgets. Prepares sub-award agreements as necessary.
  • Sets up accounts upon receipt of award documentation and forwards copies of awards to the Principle Investigator.
  • Coordinates all award-closing actions with Principal Investigator and other University offices.
  • Prepares and maintains pre-award and post award files for proper contract administration and historical information.
  • Maintains fiscal records of contracts and grants, supplying project fiscal information to Principal Investigators (PI), and submitting fiscal reports to sponsoring agencies. It also supports the principal investigators in managing the financial aspects of the projects.
  • Assists Principal Investigators with procedural management of active research projects (i.e. memo accounts, rebudgeting, financial invoicing and reporting, and regulatory and compliance issues).
  • Is a liaison to various University departments, work units and organizations, including organizations outside the University structure, and sponsors to ensure appropriate, accurate and timely contract and grant administration.
  • Develops training for University faculty and staff regarding the policies, compliance issues, procedures, proposal improvement and agency specific issues.
  • Maintains a University sponsored project database for proposals, awards, and other relevant information to provide University administration, colleges, departments and others with management information.
  • Verifies adherence to Federal and University institutional compliance issues such as animal and human subjects compliance, biosafety, and recombinant DNA.
  • Handles account invoicing and financial reporting as required by Sponsor award terms and conditions.
  • Upon request, provides PI's with a current analysis of expenditures and commitments on any project. The office also advises PI's on allowable expenses, necessary justifications or approvals and the timing of important considerations.
  • Maintains information relating to F&A distribution and PI and CO-PI recognition.
  • Maintains a web page to assist Principal Investigators with proposal preparation and award management.
  • Forwards potential conflict of interest disclosures to the Compliance Committee. Acts as a member of the oversight committee, if appointed.
  • Interfaces with auditors in reviewing project activities and financial information.

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