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Research in Progress

Ongoing Projects

Project 1. Development of an Early Warning Sensor and Network for Brown-out Conditions

Principal Investigators: Vicken (Vic) Etyemezian, Alan Gertler, George Nikolich, and Marc Pitchford - Desert Research Institute
Co-PI: David DuBois - New Mexico State University

    View Early Warning Sensor Abstract | UTC Project 1 Information

Project 2. Interconversion of Dynamic Modulus (E*) to Creep Compliance (D (t)) and
Relaxation Modulus (E(t)): Numerical Modeling and Laboratory Validation

Principal Investigator: Rafiqul A. Tarefder - University of New Mexico

    View Interconversion Abstract | UTC Project 2 Information

Project 3. Relating Dynamic Shear Modulus (G*) of Performance Grade (PG) Asphalt Binders to Nanoindentation Stiffness (E)

Principal Investigator: Rafiqul A. Tarefder - University of New Mexico

    View Dynamic Shear Modulus Abstract | UTC Project 3 Information

Project 4. Safety Performance Enhancement Analysis of Rumble Stripes with Elements: A Case Study on Rural Highway US 285 in New Mexico

Principal Investigators: Guohui Zhang and Rafiqul Tarefder - University of New Mexico

    View US 285 Case Study Abstract | UTC Project 4 Information

Project 5. Scheduling Work Zones in Multimodal Networks

Principal Investigator: Pitu Mirchandani - Arizona State University

    View Work Zones Abstract | UTC Project 5 Information

Project 6. Integrating Meso- and Micro-Simulations Models to Evaluate Traffic Management Strategies

Principal Investigators: Pitu Mirchandani and Xuesong Zhou - Arizona State University

     View Metrosim Abstract | UTC Project 6 Information

Project 7. Laboratory Evaluation of Thin Asphalt Overlays for Pavement Preservation in Nevada

Principal Investigator: Elie Hajj - University of Nevada, Reno

     View Thin Asphalt Overlay Abstract | UTC Project 7 Information

Project 8. Effectiveness of Cape Seal Pavement Preservation Technique in Northern Nevada

Principal Investigator: Peter Sebaaly - University of Nevada, Reno

     View Preservation Technique Abstract | UTC Project 8 Information

Project 9. Correlation of Shear Design Between AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications and the AASHTO Guide Specifications

Principal Investigator: David Sanders - University of Nevada, Reno

     View Shear Design Abstract | UTC Project 9 Information

Project 10. Safe and Efficient Pedestrian Accommodation at Coordinated Signalized Intersections

Principal Investigator: Zong Tian - University of Nevada, Reno

     View Pedestrian Accommodation Abstract | UTC Project 10 Information

Project 11. SHRP 2 Naturalistic Driving Study Data Usage Guidance for Nevada

Principal Investigator: Hao Xu - University of Nevada, Reno

     View Driving Data Abstract | UTC Project 11 Information

Project 12. In-Depth Investigation of the System Currently Used by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to Store and Process Crash Data and Interconnected Systems

Principal Investigator: Alexander Paz - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

View Investigation of LVPD Data System Abstract | UTC Project 12 Information

Project 13. High Early-Strength High-Performance Concrete for Rapid Pavement Repair

Principal Investigator: Nader Ghafoori - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

     View High Performance Concrete Abstract | UTC Project 13 Information

Project 14. Database Development and Model Re-Calibration for Quantification of Impacts of Freeway Incidents

Principal Investigator: Mohamed Kaseko - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

     View Freeway Incidents Abstract | UTC Project 14 Information

Project 15. Developing and Testing an LED System to Improve Pedestrian Safety in Nevada

Principal Investigator: Harry Teng - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

     View Pedestrian LED System Abstract | UTC Project 15 Information

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