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Task Trainers

Task Trainer Photo

Our Task Trainers

In addition to the high fidelity simulators, The University of Nevada Clinical Simulation Lab also utilizes several trainers specifically designed to assist learners in mastering specific tasks. Below is a list of our current task trainers.

  • Airway Management
  • CVC Insertion
  • Eye Exam, Kyoto
  • Eye Exam, Nasco
  • Lumbar Puncture, Kyoto
  • Lumbar Puncture, Gaumard
  • Male Catheter
  • Pediatric Lumbar
  • Pelvic Simulator
  • Pneumatic Otoscopy
  • Prostate, Gaumard
  • Prostate, Kyoto
  • Suture, Arm
  • Suture, Leg
  • Ultrasound - Arthrocentesis
  • Ultrasound - Paracentesis
  • Ultrasound - Thoracentesis
  • Vital Sim Sounds

If you are a University of Nevada faculty member and would like to schedule a task trainer, send a request to the Simulation Coordinator.

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