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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the Student Health Center located?
We are located on the North end of the UNR campus in the Redfield Building off of 17th Street and across from the medical school. Use this link to locate the Student Health Center on the UNR campus map: Map

2. Can I make an appointment or do I just walk-in?
We operate on a same-day appointment system. You can just walk-in to schedule your appointment or you may call our office at 784-6598. Advance appointments are needed for specialty services like dermatology, nutrition counseling, psychiatry or sports medicine.

3. If I paid my Spring Health Fee does that allow me to be seen in the summer?
The Spring Health Fee ends after mini-session. After that, you must pay your Summer Health Fee to be seen at the Student Health Center. This only applies to students who were enrolled in the Spring semester or currently enrolled Summer students. New students can be seen at the start of the Fall semester.

4.. What is the Campus Pharmacy’s phone number and where is the pharmacy located?
(775) 784-6799 is the number for Campus Pharmacy. It is located next door to the UNR Student Health Center in the Redfield Building. Use this link to locate the Pharmacy on the UNR campus map: Map

5. Is everything free?
Your office visits, with the exception of Psychiatry/Psychology and Dermatology, are included in the Student Health Center fee. Some lab work, procedures and medical supplies are included with your Student Health Center fee. Other laboratory tests, orthopedic supplies and procedures are available at additional cost.

6. Do you have a dermatologist?
During the Fall/Spring semester, we have a dermatologist available by appointment. You must be seen by a Student Health Center provider and referred to dermatology. This office visit is included in the Student Health Center fee with a $10 co-pay but there may be additional charges for pathology, laboratory and medications.

7. Do you have nutrition counseling available?
Yes, nutrition counseling is now available by appointment. Please call (775) 784-6598 to set up a nutrition counseling session. You must have paid your current health fee to be seen by nutrition.

8. Do you have a psychiatrist or psychologist available?
Yes, both are available by referral from your primary care Student Health Center provider. The cost is $40.00 per hour and $20.00 per half-hour. The first session will be one hour and follow-ups are usually 30 minutes.

9. Can I get lab work done there?
Yes, we have a full service laboratory. We do not fill outside orders from other physicians.

10. Can I get an x-ray done there?
Yes, we have x-ray services available.

11. Does the SHC provide dental care?
No, we do not have dental services available at the Student Health Center. If you are experiencing a dental problem and can't get into your dentist, the practitioners at the Student Health Center can evaluate your condition and provide care if indicated as well as give you information on community dental referrals. Truckee Meadows Community College runs a low cost Dental Hygiene Care Clinic. Call (775) 673-8247 for an appointment.

12. Are your doctors “real doctors” or medical students?
All of our physicians are fully licensed professionals and have completed their medical school and residency training. Many are board certified family physicians, and some have additional certification in sports medicine, adolescent medicine and public health. We do occasionally have medical students or medical residents working with us but you will be notified if this is the case. You can refuse to be seen by a doctor in training if you desire and you will be seen by one of our staff physicians. If you are seen by a doctor in training, you will also be seen by one of our staff physicians.

13. What is the difference between the Student Health Fee and the Student Insurance? And does the SHC accept other health insurance?
If I pay the health fee do I also have insurance? The Student Health Fee is not an insurance policy. Paying the health fee entitles you to use of the Student Health Center, unlimited office visits, certain laboratory tests and reduced cost of other health care services. However, procedures, X-rays, and referrals to specialists result in an additional cost. The supplemental insurance policy is designed to help students by covering additional costs of health care.

This plan is a major medical insurance plan specifically designed for students. As a University student, both you and your family members are eligible to purchase this plan. The Student Health Center doesn not accept any other health insurance, only the plan provided by the University. For more information see the Insurance section in our web site.

14. Where can I get information on immunizations and medications needed for international travel?
You can contact St. Mary's Community Wellness at (775) 770-7100. We do prescribe malaria prophylaxis medication at the Student Health Center but many of the immunizations needed for international travel are not available at the Student Health Center. These immunizations are usually available at St. Mary's Community Wellness. Different countries have different requirements. You can find more information at the CDC Traveler's Health web site:

15. Can any one else get information about my medical condition or treatment?
No, your medical information is strictly confidential. We cannot release any information to anyone without your written consent, including your parents. See HIPAA on our web site for more information.

16. Do you offer HIV testing?
Yes, we offer a blood test for HIV which costs $12. This test is confidential therefore, you need to return to the clinic in 1 week to obtain your results. We do not give HIV results over the phone. You can find more information about HIV at the CDC website:

17. Do you offer STD testing?
Yes, we offer complete screening and testing for STDs as well as education and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.