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About Us

The Health Education and Promotion Program(HEP) was established in 2006.  At the time, the Student Health Center was providing successful clinical services, but wanted to do more to enhance health education and outreach on campus.  Now, several years later, we have an established program delivering quality health education and promotion to our students.

The Mission
The mission of the Health Education and Promotion Program is to improve student health and health behaviors by:

  • Increasing awareness of health issues and risk factors;
  • Supporting policy that creates a healthy learning environment;
  • Providing health education outreach to students through events, social marketing, direct services, media outlets and programming; and
  • Collaborating campus and community wide to enhance all outreach efforts.

The program will accomplish its mission using approaches that are evidence-based, student-centered, and consistent with the mission of the University.

Who We Are
The staff of the HEP Program has one thing in common – we care!  Combine that with our diverse experience and knowledge and you have one talented team! 

Enid Jennings, MPH, CHES , Program Coordinator and Health Educator
Enid works to coordinate, implement and evaluate all components of the program.

Theo Zemanuel, Program Assistant
Theo has the important role of marketing Student Health 101 and assisting with our wellness programs.

Alec Kolodge, Program Assistant
Alec has the important job of coordinating our Peer Health Educator program.

Our Amazing Peer Health Educators

10 Specially trained students