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Meet OUr Staff


Meet Our Staff

Medical Staff

Tricia Brown, Advanced Practitioner of Nursing
Carmelisa Caverhil, Physician
Laura Dunn-Sparks, Registered Nurse Supervisor
Cathy Endo, Physician
Todd Fountain, Physician
Cheryl Hug-English, Med. Dir. Student Health Ctr., Physician
Enid Jennings, Health Promotion Program Coordinator, Health Educator
Carol Scott, Physician
Molly Scott, Registered Nurse
Kristen Shockney, Front Office Receptionist, Medical Assistant       
Tammy Williams, Registered Nurse
Joanne McGee, Registered Nurse
Sabrina Mead, Lab Tech
Yeggy Miller, Physician
Cindy Morrison, Lab Tech/Supervisor
Beronica Ramos, Front Office Assistant, Medical Assistant
Kamin VanGuilder, Physician
Chris Mathis, Physician
Melissa Parrott, Advanced Practitioner of Nursing
Maggie Tigan, Medical Assistant
Maureen Molini, Licensed Registered Dietician
Karla Hansen, Registered Nurse
Steven Krauss, Dermatologist
Steve Zuchowski, Psychiatrist

Office Staff

Kelly Anderson, Front Office Receptionist
Judy Christensen, Front Office Receptionist 
Teri Crawley, Front Office Supervisor
Julee DeMello, Business Manager
Pru Forthun, Assistant Business Manager/Ins Coord./Med Records
Jana Gustufson, LPN
Sue Wilmoth, LPN