UNR Student Health Center Events

Student Health Center Events

Nergy Program

Program Description:
This is a FREE wellness program for UNR students where you will receive information on nutrition and physical activity through a weekly session, tracking, and lots of fun activities! This is a program for all levels of fitness! You can do things at your own N-ergy level!  This program is about helping you love your body and live healthier!

Sessions are held weekly (from 11am-12pm Wednesday).  Your session will be approximately 15 minutes.  Depending on our volunteer situation we may either run two sessions during the hour or allow you to stop by anytime during the hour for a session.  This will be determined the week prior to the program.

The BASIC program schedule looks like this:
Week 1 3/16 11am-Noon*, Peavine Hall, Physical Activity (walking or circuit workouts)
Week 2 3/23 Online for Spring Break*, Nutrition Module (fruits and veggies or calories)
Week 3 3/30 11am-Noon*, Peavine Hall, Nutrition Module (beverages or my plate)
Week 4 4/6 11am-Noon*, Peavine Hall, Planning Module (meal planning or breakfast)
Week 5 4/13 11am-Noon*, Peavine Hall, Final evaluation and wellness resources
These meetings are considered mandatory, because this is where you will receive your module, incentives, activity for the week and raffle tickets – so do your best to attend! *Sessions are aproximately 15 minutes.

There are also additional activities that are not mandatory throughout the month, such as walks, hikes, and group fitness.   These activities will be announced each week.  We encourage you to participate in as many activities as your schedule allows.
You will receive raffle tickets for each activity you attend that will be entered in our weekly raffle for some awesome prizes! 

Wellness Assessments:

All participants will be allowed to sign up for a free wellness assessment if they choose.  Wellness assessments include; blood pressure, height, weight, body composition, and a calorie assessment.  These are just for you to know some baseline information about your health!  A sign up sheet for wellness assessments will be provided during the first week of the program.

Participation Requirements:
- You must be a UNR student (no minimum credit requirement)
- You must be considered medically safe to participate (you will complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire on your first day). It is possible you may need to seek medical clearance to see if it is safe to participate. If you have a health condition you know might be a barrier to your participation you may want to check with your doctor before and bring your medical clearance with you.
- You must be able to attend most weekly sessions or online sessions.

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Once registered, you will receive additional information by March 15