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Students outside DMS

Service-Learning Culture

Are you engaged in your community?

Engaging college and university students in the cultural ideal of service-learning is vital for three key reasons:

  • First, for those students who engaged in service-learning as part of high school graduation requirements, staying in college strengthens the foundation for lifelong empathetic ideals.
  • Second, service-learning is a great opportunity for college and university students to garner new skills and expand their personal and professional networks.
  • Lastly, by applying strategies learned in coursework as well as key concepts discovered via research, service-learning offers college and university students the opportunity to realize theory and practice beyond academia's gates.

There are numerous opportunities at our institution for you to become an engaged citizen. We are here to help expand your horizon and ensure that upon graduation you will experience the realization of a competent University of Nevada graduate who is ready to take on the world!

Please feel free to contact the Office of Service-learning and Civic Engagement, (775) 784-4846,, with any questions you have regarding the pedagogy, course forms, community partner placements, or volunteer opportunities in our community.

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