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Service-Learning Course Directory

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Service-Learning Course Directory - Curriculog

Launching in the Summer 2014!

Curriculog will track all service-learning courses for the University.

The directory will be comprised of service-learning course recognition through the identification of service-learning as a course attribute:

  • Core Curriculum Courses with a Service-Learning Component (Service-Learning Attribute)
  • Non-core Curriculum Courses with a Service-Learning Component (Service-Learning Attribute)
  • Courses with some service-learning component, but are not recognized as meeting the attribute requirement

The service-learning attribute is not intended to segregate or alienate any faculty that are having students participate in service-learning. Rather, with this recognition, we hope to inspire and cultivate a culture of service-learning on our campus that encourages our University community to embrace civic responsibility as a core value of the institution.

This directory  is intended to be used by students interested in service-learning course opportunities,  to be used an easy access/user friendly tool that encourages community engagement, and to be used as an administrative aid to track service-learning activities on and off our campus. 

Faculty members or departmental designees will be able to input information about service-learning courses directly into Curriculog.

More information about Curriculog coming soon!!

Please contact us at with any questions!

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