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Course Registration

Shakespearian Literature

Community Learning Opportunities for Academic Credit

All  Community Learning Oppurtunities for Academic Credit must be registered with the Office of Service Learning and Civic Engagement. All required forms must be filled out and submitted to OSLCE before students may participate in community learning opportunities. Submissions fewer than 15 calendar days prior to the start date of the Community Learning Opportunity may not provide adequate time for review and approval. To register, please fill out the Community Learning Opportunity for Academic Credit Registration form.

Service-Learning Attribute

The Service-Learning Attribute indicates that your course's Community Learning Opportunity...

  • for Academic Credit
  • related to course objectives and learning goals
  • ...meets an identified community need/serves the public good
  • ...includes reflection 
  • assesed and evaluated

To receive the service-learning attribute, submit your proposal by

  • September 1st for Spring courses
  • February 1st for Fall course

Courses without the attribute will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Please use the FAQ section below to help guide your process. If you have additional questions, please contact Stacey Muse at or 784.4846.


What is the difference between service-learning and a community learning opportunity?

Service-learning is a course-based experience in which students work with community organizations to address a community need. Their service assignment helps them to gain a better understanding of the course content. Regular, critical reflection is a key component to service-learning. In order to recieve the  Service-Learning Attribute, your course must meet best practices. Other community learning opportunities may have elements of service-learning, but do not meet best practices, or the service component is not required for all students. If you are not sure if your course is service-learning, you can contact Stacey Muse (

What does it mean to have my class registered as a community learning opportunity?

The registration process allows OSLCE to better support faculty, students, and community partners involved with community learning opportunites. The process is required for all Community Learning Opportunities for Academic Credit in orrder promote safe, secure, and valuable expereinces for all stakeholders. 

What  is the Service-Learning Attribute

The Service-Learnig Attribute is a signifier that your course meets service-learning best practices. If your course receives the Service-Learning Attribute, the course will be searchable in the class schedule. In addition, completed service-learning courses will appear on the students' transcript as "service-learning". 

What is the registration process?

In order to have a Community Learning Opportunity for Academic Credit, you must fill out the Community Learning Opportunity for Academic Credit Registration Form. If you would like to have the Service-Learning Attribute attached to your course, you must meet the following deadlines: September 1st (for spring courses), February 1st (for fall classes). Registration for courses without the Service-Learning Attribute will be reviewed on a rolling basis, but please keep in mind the community partner approval process can take time. We suggest that you submit your proposal as soon as possible.

My course was approved for CO14 designation. Do I still have to register?

Yes. You will need to fill out the Community Learning Opportunity for Academic Credit Registration Form if you have been approved for CO14 by way of having a service-learning component. The CO14 and Community Learning Opportunity for Academic Credit registration are separate processes.

What is the process to approve community partners?

To ensure partnerships are a good fit and low-risk for students, a site visit will be conducted. Once the site visit is complete, we ask the organization to sign the Community Partner Agreement. OSLCE staff will conduct the site visit and obtain the proper signatures needed for the Community Partner Agreement. If you would like to approve your community partners on your own, please contact Stacey Muse ( to learn more about this process.

What forms do my students need to sign?

Before starting their service assignments, students will need to sign a Service-Learning/Experience Agreement and a Waiver. Both of these documents are provided and housed by OSLCE.

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