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Course Designation

Shakespearian Literature

Course Attribute: Service-Learning

If your service-learning course meets best practices, we encourage you to apply for Service-Learning Designation. The course designation process allows our office to support your engagement efforts, provides institutional data on civic engagement, and ensures that students are recognized for their civic engagement efforts as designated service-learning courses appear on student transcripts once the course is complete.

To apply for the Service-Learning Designation, follow the steps below. Please review the Faculty Handbook for more information on teaching a service-learning course.

1.  Log in to Curriculog.

2.  Click "+ New Proposal" (directly under tab bar that includes "my tasks", "my proposals", etc.).

3.  Click on "Add Service Learning Designation to Current Course", then click the check mark to the right to initiate the proposal.

4.  Fill out all fields and submit.

Contact us at for more information about the process of having your course identified with the attribute "Service-Learning".

Deadlines for Submissions

Fall Semester: February 1    

Spring Semester: September 1

Please note: If you do not meet the deadline for submission, your application cannot be processed and will have to be considered for the following semester!

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