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Poster Competition

2013 College of Science Poster Competition - December 2, 2013


Current College of Science (COS) student (undergraduate or graduate)
Current University of Nevada, Reno student working with a COS faculty member

Competition Schedule - December 2, 2013

  • 8-10 am — Poster Set Up in JCSU Ballrooms A&B
  • 10 am-2 pm — Judges' Viewing
  • 2-4 pm — Oral Presentation Sessions
  • 4-5 pm — Judges' Deliberation
  • 5:30 pm — Public Viewing Reception
  • 6:15 pm — Announcement of winners
  • 6:30 pm — Participants collect posters (Posters not taken by participants can be picked up at the Dean's Office in 411 DMSC between December 3-6; unclaimed posters will be discarded after December 6th)

On-line Registration Form - Deadline to register is November 15 (Friday)

Judging Criteria - 5 Areas (Areas 1-4 are rated on scale of 1-5)

  1. Written Clarity
    1. Problem Statement
    2. Methods
    3. Results Described
  2. Visual Clarity
    1. Quality - Appearance
    2. Data Presentation
  3. Oral Presentation - participants given ~5 minutes to present poster and provide overview of your research to judges
    1. Clarity of Presentation
    2. Understanding of Context
  4. Scientific Contributions
    1. Creativity of the Approach
    2. Significance of the Problem
    3. Significant of the Results
  5. Completeness- check to see if following items are present on poster
    1. Title
    2. Author(s)/Institution(s)
    3. Abstract
    4. Introduction
    5. Methods
    6. Results
    7. Discussion/Conclusion
    8. Acknowledgements
    9. References
    10. Illustrations/Graphics/Block "N"

Poster Requirements (Size/Dimensions)

The maximum size dimension for a poster:

  • WIDTH (side to side) - 96 inches
  • HEIGHT (top to floor) - 48 inches


Poster must consist of material than can be mounted easily with push pins - push pins will be available at the competition location (JCSU Ballrooms A&B)

University Logo

All posters require the University of Nevada, Reno block "N" - information on the logo can be found at the Integrated Marketing Logos website. If the poster is being funded by another institution, that institution's logo should be present for acknowledgement.

Campus Poster Printing Resources

Poster printing available at @One in the Knowledge Center.

Design Tips and Guidelines

Contact Us

If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact Susan Kinder (775) 682-8795 in the College of Science Dean's Office.

2012 College of Science Poster Competition winners

2012 WINNERS - Undergraduate Category:

  • 3rd place – John Silvaroli #30, Biology
  • 2nd place – Sarah Padilla #22, Biology
  • 1st place – Emilia Groso #12, Chemistry

2012 WINNERS - Graduate Category:

  • 3rd place – Daniel Mayes #9, Physics
  • 2nd place – Tom Lockard #26, Physics
  • 1st place – David Atherton #10, Physics

The 2011 COS Poster Competition

Graduate Winners
COS Graduate Student Winners (left to right) Nancy Quiros, Rebecca Hintz, Mahmoud Ahmed

Undergraduate Category

  • 1st place ($350 prize): Poster #43 “Degrees of disruption: impact of temperature increase on a tropical ectotherm” by Eleanor Su (Biology)
  • 2nd place ($250 prize): Poster #16 “Nonlinear elasticity in Berea sandstone under vacuum” by Rachel Miller (Physics)
  • 3rd place ($150 prize): Poster #29 “Modeling the Impacts of Climate Change on Hydrology at Galena Creek, Nevada” by Joanne Heslop (Geography)

Graduate Category

  • 1st place ($350 prize): Poster #8 “Doppler cooling with coherent trains of laser pulses and tunable ‘velocity comb’” by Mahmoud Ahmed (Physics)
  • 2nd place ($250 prize): Poster #26 “High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics: Modeling Supernova Explosions” by Nancy Quiros (Physics)
  • 3rd place ($150 prize): Poster #39 “Identification of the Macronutrients Required for Drosophila Sleep” by Rebecca Hintz (Cell & Molecular Biology)
Eleanor SuJoanne Heslop
COS Undergraduate Winners (left to right) Eleanor Su, Joanne Heslop

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