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Advisor Contact Information

How to contact your advisor

E mail is the recommended method for contacting your advisor. Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation; be concise and to the point.

Include the following information in your e mail:

  • The SUBJECT line - "Academic Advising - STUDENT'S FULL NAME"
  • Greeting to the faculty advisor (i.e. "Dear, Dr." or "Hello, Dr.") and closing (i.e. "Sincerely", "Regards", or "Thank you")
  • Student's date of birth (month and date) and current major
  • If you are requesting an advising appointment, include days & times during regular business hours that you are available to meet
  • If you are requesting an advising appointment, include reason(s) for requesting an advising appointment

NOTE: If your e mail does not include all the above mentioned information, the faculty advisor may not respond to your request. It may take up to 1-2 business days for a faculty advisor to respond to your e mail request or inquiry.

Christina Cho, M.A. -
College of Science

Director of Advising, Recruitment, & Retention


College of Science Advisor Contact Information

E mail contact information for all faculty advisors are provided below; phone numbers and office location can be found in the University Directory.


Cell and Molecular Biology; Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology; and General Biology

Check out the Biology & Neuroscience Peer Advising Blog for great information!


Professional Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, General, and Pre-Medical Options


BS and BA degree programs

Geological Sciences & Engineering

Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, and Geological Engineering programs

Mathematics & Statistics

BS & BA degree programs; General, Statistics, Applied, Discrete/Operations Research options

Mining & Metallurgical Engineering



Physics and Atmospheric Sciences programs


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