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Ph.D. in Chemical Physics

Examining chemical interactions at the atomic and molecular level.

The Ph.D. degree in chemical physics provides an interdisciplinary curriculum for those students whose primary research interests are in atomic and molecular physics and physical chemistry. While requiring the student to complete a rigorous selection of courses that outline the foundations of modern chemical physics, the program also offers extreme flexibility in the choice of dissertation topic as the student may choose any of the affiliated faculty in either the Department of Physics or the Department of Chemistry to serve as a research adviser. The program is offered by the College of Science.

Students who are admitted to the program must satisfy the Ph.D. admission requirements of either the chemistry or physics department, as well as the general admission requirements of the Graduate School.

Candidates for the doctor of philosophy degree must satisfy the Graduate School requirements and complete a minimum of 72 credits, which include the following: 15 credits of core curriculum, 24 credits of research and dissertation, 2 credits of seminar, and 31 credit of elective courses (12 of these credits may be in independent study and 3 credits may be dissertation and 1 credit is for comprehensive examination. The 1 credit comprehensive examination does not count toward the 30 credits of required 700- level course work). Acceptable elective courses include any course approved by the student’s graduate advisory committee.

Interested in applying to the Chemical Physics program? Review the program admissions guidelines and start the application process here.

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