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Mathematics, Master of Science Degree

  • Major: Mathematics
  • Degree Level/Code: Masters/MS (Master of Science)
  • Area/Department: Mathematics and Statistics
  • More Info: Graduate Programs
  • Career Options: When many people think of a job for a mathematics or statistics major, they think of teaching. While some graduates choose this noble career, there are many more opportunities. A major in mathematics or statistics provides a valuable background for careers in business, industry, government, and academics. Here are some examples: Insurance companies employ actuaries who use probability and statistics along with financial information to determine insurance rates. The NSA employs large numbers of mathematicians and statisticians as cryptologists who analyze sophisticated ways to transmit secret information and to break codes. Such areas as manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation, and environmental studies have opportunities in operations research which is an area of applied mathematics concerned with decision making and the allocation of resources.
Math faculty

Mathematics is a diverse subject, which has applications in many fields. Besides being essential to engineering and science, it is finding increasing application in business and industry and provides a solid background for professional schools, actuarial work, and computer careers. The Applied option should be considered for those interested in careers in industry, engineering, and the sciences. Regardless of whether the knowledge gained in the program of study is directly applicable in a given career, the experience in problem solving and managing complex tasks will enhance the student's abilities in any work setting. Our student internship program may also enhance marketability of the degree for those who might be interested in non-teaching jobs.

There are three programs of study for the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics:

  • The Pure Mathematics Option.
  • The Applied Mathematics Option
  • The Statistics Option.

Learn more about each of those programs of study.

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