Medication Therapy managementAdverse drug events increase hospital admissions, emergency department use, and fall risk especially among seniors. Public health interventions such as Medication Therapy Management (MTM) programs have demonstrated effectiveness in optimizing therapeutic outcomes and preventing the risks associated with medication use in older adults.  Since 2001, the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD) has funded the Sanford Center for Aging (SCA) to implement MTM services in Nevada. This work is also supported annually by the Marion G. Thompson Charitable Trust. With the combined support, the MTM program has been able to serve over 1,000 seniors.  The MTM program is oriented toward improving the health of Nevada's seniors by encouraging better management of drug regimens.  The SCA contracts with IntegriCare Clinical Associates, a team of clinical certified geriatric pharmacists (CGPs), to conduct the MTM reviews.


The MTM program offers free medication reviews to:


Seniors Most in Need:  Low-income, frail individuals, age 60 or older, taking 5 or more prescription drugs and who fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Individuals in a minority group;
  • Native Americans;
  • Individuals with limited English proficiency;
  • Individuals at risk of institutional placement;
  • Individuals with the greatest economic or social need and/or disabilities; and, 
  • Individuals living in a rural area.

The current clinical service program was translated from research in 2005 and aims to:

  • Educate seniors and their caregivers about medication mismanagement and polypharmacy
  • Provide clinical medication reviews for Nevada’s seniors, age 60 and older, taking 5 or more prescription drugs
  • Reduce the risk of errors associated with medication use in later life by identifying potential medication-related problems and recommending geriatric-specific solutions before a crisis occurs resulting in an injury or unplanned hospitalization
  • Encourage communication/dialogue between seniors and their physicians about medication use


A clinical certified geriatric pharmacist (CGP) reviews an elder’s entire drug regimen (e.g., prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, vitamins, herbal supplements and other nutraceuticals) for safety and effectiveness. MTM clients (or their legal guardians) and primary care physicians receive a detailed report from the CGP identifying the recommendations and geriatric solutions to limit potential medical related problems:

The CGP's analysis investigates the potential for:

  • Potential Rx/Rx drug interactions
  • Potential Rx/OTC drug interactions
  • Potential Rx/supplement interactions
  • Potential Rx/disease state interactions
  • Duplications
  • Inappropriate (high risk) medication use
  • WATCH medications 
  • Untreated medical concerns
  • Recommendations for dosage and administration schedule changes
  • Recommendations for less expensive pharmacologic alternatives

How it works

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