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Our Mission:

The Nevada Caregiver Support Center (NCSC) of the University of Nevada, Reno promotes excellence in dementia care by emphasizing the quality of life of persons with dementia and their caregivers. Within Nevada, there are over 30,000 seniors who have a memory disorder. Family and professional caregivers often struggle to understand and best help older adults with memory disorders. Because of the potential stress of caregiving, nearly all caregivers can benefit from educational, practical, and emotional support. Consistent emotional support aids caregivers' coping with change. Skilled caregiving improves the communication of family members, reduces conflict and stress, and increases the quality of life of both the caregiver and the older adult with dementia. Learning about dementia and acquiring practical skills are fundamental to effectively coping with dementia-related challenges, so older adults with dementia and their families can have a higher quality of life and stay together in their homes for longer than might otherwise be the case.   

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Caregiver Support Services

Caring for persons with memory disorders can be very rewarding, yet, difficult.  The NCSC provides caregivers with coaching in best practices in the care of persons with dementia and healthy coping strategies. Family and professional caregivers can also learn about strategies for gently and effectively managing problem behaviors, such as resistance to care, wandering, sleep difficulties, and impairments in self-care. The NCSC’s unique individualized Caregiver Coaching program emphasizes continuity of care by assisting caregivers of adults with dementia at any stage in the caretaking journey. Trained Caregiver Coaches provide confidential, individualized coaching and home-based support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call to learn more about our caregiver coaching and caregiver classes.

Enhancing Quality of Life for Older Adults with Memory Disorders

 Since 2001 the NCSC has been providing support services to older adults with memory disorders residing in private homes and long term care facilities across northern Nevada. Our mission is to promote quality of life for older adults with memory disorders and their families.

Restraint-Free Care Initiative
Since 2008 the NCSC has been collaborating with state and private agencies across Nevada to eliminate the use of restraint in the care of older adults with dementia. Today, NCSC staff are providing training in restraint free care in long term care facilities across Nevada.

Generations Companionship Program
In this innovative program UNR students are paired with older adults living in the community to provide companionship and learning opportunities for both students older adults with dementia and students.

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Contact Us:

Phone: 775-784-4335

Location: The NCSC is located within the Sanford Center for Aging in the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno

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The NCSC is funded by: 1) Nevada Aging & Disability Services Division 2) National Institute on Justice, & 3) Donations.


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