The Sanford Center for Aging is supported financially by the revenues generated by an endowment created from the estate of Jean Sanford, by federal and state grants, and by philanthropic donations.

There are a number of ways people can support the center’s mission – financially and otherwise.


1) How to make a financial contribution

2) Instruments of giving

3) Donate online right now- please designate "Sanford Center for Aging"

4) Contribute your time and talents by volunteering





How to make a financial contribution


Online Giving


To make a gift right now online using a credit card, click here and you will be taken to the form for credit card gifts. Please be sure to select other for your designation and write in the "Sanford Center for Aging". We use a secure server with the latest SSL encryption technology for transmitting personal information. This means that credit card numbers and personal information are encrypted and therefore cannot be copied.


Through the mail


Send a check made payable to the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation, specifying "Sanford Center for Aging" in the memo section of the check. Mail to:


University of Nevada, Reno Foundation

Mail Stop 162

Reno, NV 89557


Estate Planning


Through estate planning you may be able to provide a significant gift to the center, helping it build a bright future for Nevada's elders, while you enjoy significant tax advantages. Bequests are but one potential Instrument of Giving.


More information


For more information on helping ensure the future direction of the center through a donation, call (775) 784-4774.



Instruments of Giving


Pledge Payments are gifts of cash, check, or credit card directed toward the fulfillment of an existing commitment.


Outright Gifts of cash or check (not attached to a pledge) are immediately beneficial to the Sanford Center for Aging and can be directed toward any funding priority. Make an online gift now.


Gifts of Securities often confer significant tax benefits on the donor; for example, contributions of appreciated securities held for longer than a year are generally deductible at market value and are exempt from the capital gains tax. Securities can be transferred to the Sanford Center for Aging as outright gifts, pledge payments or as planned gifts.


Planned Gifts, including bequests, unitrusts, annuities, insurance policies, and retirement assets can provide benefits to families now and in the future, while assisting the Sanford Center for Aging for many generations to come.


Gifts of Property, including artwork and book collections, may be sold with the proceeds benefiting the Sanford Center for Aging.


Gifts that Generate More Gifts


Matching Gifts


Matching gifts are made by companies that wish to multiply the charitable gifts of employees. Most companies will match gifts dollar for dollar, and some will double - or triple- match employee donations.




If you would like your gift to continue to support the center perpetually as well as in the present, consider creating an endowment with a gift of $10,000 or more.


Endowments are permament funds invested by the University with 5 percent of the market value of the fund available for use each year. The interest earnings beyond this 5 percent are applied to the principal, thus growing the endowment each year and ensuring the fund keeps pace with inflation. Lasting perpetuity, endowments help assure a bright future for the center. Gifts of stock or other kinds of assets may also be used to create significant endowments and may help you save taxes.


For more information on helping ensure the future direction of the center through a donation, call (775) 784-4774.