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SABE 2014 Lake Tahoe, USA: "Stretching Behavioral Economics"

Harvey's at Tahoe

Annual Conference for the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics

July 21 - 24th, 2014

At Harvey's South Lake Tahoe

18 U.S. Highway 50; Stateline, NV 89449
(775) 588-6611

Featured Speakers:

Paul Zak Paul Zak: Credited for first publishing the word neuroeconomics, his talk will be "Neuroeconomics: Putting Humans at the Center of Economics."

Rachel Croson Rachel Croson: Professor Croson has made numerous significant contributions to behavioral economics and experimental economics, investigating how people make a variety of economic decisions, including financial, charitable and risky. Her research draws on and contributes to many disciplines, including economics, management, marketing, operations, political science and sociology, and her work has been published in academic journals in all of these fields.

Vernon SmithVernon Smith: Awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2002 for his groundbreaking work in experimental economics.

If you have questions or comments about the Conference, please contact
Mark Pingle at or (775) 784-6634.

Conference Info


Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics
College of Business, University of Nevada, Reno
Department of Economics, University of Nevada, Reno
Cognitive and Brain Sciences Group, University of Nevada, Reno

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