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RESEARCH AT NEVADA is an integral part of the state's economic and intellectual growth and development, as well as the nation's. University research spans issues relating to the environment, renewable energy resources, the life sciences and plasma physics.

Researchers at the University study the availability, movement and quality of water worldwide, as well as water's role in the development of geothermal energy. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and wildfires, and 21st-century challenges of terrorism, adult stem-cell research and global public health issues, are also "under the microscope" at Nevada.

Nevada is one of the top 120 universities in America for funded research, according to the Carnegie Foundation. With more than $80 million in research expenditures, a figure that has almost doubled over the past 10 years, the University is the leading research enterprise in Nevada's higher-education system. It is also among the growing number of universities expanding research opportunities to undergraduate students.

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation has a list serve called “Research Notes”, upon which information, funding opportunities, and updates pertinent to researchers are sent. If you are interested in being added to this list serve, pleased send your contact information to

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