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Conflict of Interest and Consulting Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

This Policy :

            1. describes the process by which the University identifies, evaluates and manages individual financial conflicts of interest without violating its central mission,
            2. uses disclosure as the key mechanism to bring potential conflicts of interest to light for evaluation and possible oversight,
            3. identifies individual conflicts of interest that are not allowed because they are a violation of law or are judged by the University to be a violation of its central mission.

It is the duty of every member of the University community to immediately disclose his or her personal or family involvement in activities listed in Activities Requiring Disclosure. Approval of the Conflict of Interest Committee must be obtained before engaging in these activities.

The conflict of interest policy can be found in the University Administrative Manual (UAM). For a full version of the policy click here.

Consulting Policy

This Policy:

  1. Defines consultation services;
  2. Outlines when consultation is allowed and conditions for use of university space/equipment;
  3. Describes how Intellectual Property rights are treated when developed as a result of consulting activities.

The consulting policy can be found in the University Administrative Manual (UAM).

Conflict of Interest FAQs

Click here for access to the Consulting Activities form. This form must be completed prior to beginning any consulting activity.