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-$300 million for Shared Instrumentation and other capital equipment

   *Allocated to NCRR to support all NIH activities

-$500 million for NIH buildings and facilities

   *To fund high priority repair, construction and improvement
projects on NIH campuses that also align with the overall purpose of the Act

-$400 million for Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)

Many types of funding mechanisms will be supported, but, in general, NIH will focus scientific activities in several areas:

1) We will choose among recently peer reviewed, highly meritorious R01 and similar mechanisms capable of making significant advances in two years. R01 are projects proposed directly from scientists across the country.
2) We will also fund new R01 applications that have a reasonable expectation of making progress in two years.  The adherence to this time frame is in direct response to the spirit of the law.
3) We will accelerate the tempo of ongoing science through targeted supplements to current grants. For example, we may competitively expand the scope of current research awards or supplement an existing award with additional support for infrastructure (e.g., equipment) that will be used in the two-year availability of these funds.
4) NIH anticipates supporting new types of activities that fit into the structure of the ARRA. For example, it will support a reasonable number of awards to jump start the new NIH Challenge Grant program. This program is designed to focus on health and science problems where progress can be expected in two years. The number of awards and amount of funds will be determined, based on the scientific merit and the quality of applications. I anticipate-out of the OD funds in the ARRA--NIH will support at least $100 to $200 million-but the science will drive the actual level.
5) We will also use other funding mechanisms as appropriate.


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