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As we learned about NIH's possible inclusion in the national economic recovery effort, we worked around the clock to prepare to make the most effective use of these extraordinary resources. NIH grants support jobs and the economy of local communities, and we are preparing to move the funds quickly as we manage and track the impact on economic recovery, as well as the progress on improving human health in a way that increases transparency for the public.  We are waiting for guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services and the White House, and no funding decisions have been made.

NIH Funding

The stimulus bill provides a total of $10.4 billion, all available for two years--through September 2010.  We expect to spend as much as possible in FY 2009 to support the goals of the ARRA and advance scientific priorities. (Note that none of these resources are added to the NIH's future base funding level). Below is a summary:

A) $8.2 billion in support of scientific research priorities

   $7.4 billion is transferred to the Institutes and Centers and Common Fund (CF), based on a percentage-based formula

  $800 million to the Office of the Director (OD) (not including CF)

(For example, support for Challenge Grants), a program designed to focus on health and science problems where progress can be expected in two years.

To support additional scientific research-related activities
that also align with the overall purposes of the Act

B) $1 billion to support Extramural Construction, Repairs, and Alterations

   Allocated to the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) in support of all NIH funded research institutions


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