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About the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

Units reporting to the Vice President for Research and Innovation include:

  • Environmental Health & Safety – The Department of Environmental Health & Safety operates a comprehensive environmental health and safety program promoting environmental, occupational health, and safety services through education, consultation and research.
  • Human Research Protection – The University maintains Institutional Review Boards (known as IRBs) to review research protocols involving human subjects and to evaluate both risk and protection against risk for those subjects. It is the function of the IRBs to 1) determine and certify that all projects reviewed by the IRBs conform to the regulations and policies set forth by the HHS and FDA regarding the health, welfare, safety, rights, and privileges of human subjects; and 2) assist the investigator in complying with federal and State regulations.
  • The University's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees the university's animal care and use programs, facilities and procedures ensuring the appropriate care, use and humane treatment of animals being used for research, testing and teaching, whether that use is biomedical, basic sciences, or agricultural.
  • Sponsored Projects Administration – The Office of Sponsored Projects works with University employees, external sponsors and subcontractors to achieve funding for research and other scholarly activities and to provide oversight and advice on issues of federal, state, and institutional compliance, laws, and regulations.
  • Undergraduate Research – The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Research is to promote, support, and publicize undergraduate research in all disciplines offered at the University. The mission is accomplished through the following activities:
    • Expand undergraduate research opportunities using both external and internal resources
    • Develop and maintain various outreach tools including but not limited to a dedicated website, brochures, and presentations
    • Form a group of support faculty who are committed to undergraduate research through establishing a Network of Faculty for Undergraduate Research
    • Publicize external undergraduate research funding opportunities to faculty and provide support in developing undergraduate research grant proposals
    • Meet with academic administrators to promote appreciation and proper recognition of participating faculty