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88. Additional DoJ and NIJ Requirements for Transfer and Disposition of Identifiable Information (§22.24, §22.25, §22.26)

1.      Requests for transfer of data, unless for DoJ agencies, require a written transfer agreement and data transfer log, and are subject to IRB review and approval.

2.      Upon completion of the research study, the PI must protect the security of identifiable data.

  • For data in which identifiers were replaced with codes, the PI must confirm that no information could be used alone or in combination to identify an individual, and must destroy the name-code index.

  • For research which requires identifiers to remain during data collection, analysis, and storage, after a three-year data retention period, the PI must physically destroy all copies of the materials or identifiable portions. Destruction may be required sooner as authorized by law, or required by the IRB.

3.      For NIJ-funded research, PIs are usually required to send data sets to the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data.

  • Information about the requirements is available from the "Data Archiving Plans for NIJ Funding Applicants" pages of the NIJ website.

  • A copy of the archiving plan must be submitted to the IRB and the data archiving must be referenced in the consent materials.

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