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86. Additional DoJ and NIJ Privacy and Confidentiality Protections

State mandatory reporting laws do not apply to DoJ or NIJ research for current or past abuse, unless a separate consent is obtained from the research participant to allow reporting. NOTE: Consent for reporting must be in addition to consent to participate in the research study.

The following additional privacy protections apply to DoJ and NIH research under (§22.1(a) - (f)):

  1. The use of individually identifiable information may only be used for research or statistical purposes.
  2. Investigators must protect private information obtained in a research or statistical program from use in any judicial, legal, or administrative process without the individual's prior consent.
  3. To improve the scientific quality of NIJ research, investigators must minimize subject concerns over the use of research data.
  4. Investigators must fully inform persons engaged in research and statistical activities of the purposes for which identifiable information may be used or revealed.
  5. Investigators must insure an appropriate balance exists between the needs for individual privacy and for research data to advance the state of knowledge in the area of criminal justice.
  6. Investigators must insure the confidentiality of information provided by crime victims to crisis intervention counselors working for victim services programs receiving funds provided under the Crime Control Act, and Juvenile Justice Act, and the Victims of Crime Act.

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