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61. Additional DoD Requirements for Ethics Training and Risk Assessment

Each DoD component has educational requirements in the conduct of human research for personnel involved in the conduct, review, or approval of research sponsored by DoD. The type and extent of training depend upon the duties and responsibilities of the persons involved in the research.

University and affiliate PIs are advised to consult with the DoD component sponsoring or involved in the research to identify the specific or additional educational or certification requirements.

University and affiliate PIs are responsible for

  • Conveying additional training requirements to the IRB
  • Providing the DoD Component and the IRB with verification that the additional training requirements have been met. IRB approval is contingent on this verification

The DoD component may evaluate the University's HRPP training policies to determine that, based on the complexity and risk of the research, personnel are qualified to perform the research.

Assessing Risk in DoD-supported Research

The following DoD requirements apply to risk assessments for DoD-supported research:

  • Minimal risk determinations may not consider routine risks encountered in the populations' work environment (e.g., emergency responder, pilot, soldier in a combat zone).
  • Minimal risk determinations may not consider risks resulting from a medical condition (e.g., frequent medical tests or constant pain).

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