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40. Responsibilities: Office of Sponsored Projects

The University Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) reviews contracts and oversees relationships and agreements with external parties that fund research at the University. These parties include federal agencies, foundations, and for-profit corporations.

To insure University contracts and funding agreement include the required language for human research protection, OSP uses a checklist to verify the following six criteria are met.

  1. The contract/funding agreement indicates who will provide and pay for medical care for research participants with a research-related injury.
  2. The information about medical care for research-related injuries is consistent between the contract/funding agreement and the IRB-approved version of consent documents.
  3. When the sponsor conducts site monitoring visits or monitoring activities remotely, the contract/funding agreement requires the sponsor to promptly report to the organization any findings that could affect the safety of participants or influence the conduct of the study.
  4. When the sponsor has a responsibility to conduct data and safety monitoring, the contract/funding agreement addresses provisions for monitoring the data to ensure the safety of participants and for providing data and safety monitoring reports to the organization, and specifies a time frame.
  5. Before initiating research, the organization has a contract/funding agreement with the sponsor that includes plans for disseminating findings from the research and the roles that investigators and sponsor will play in the publication or disclosure of results.
  6. When participant safety could be directly affected by study results after the study has ended, the contract/funding agreement requires the sponsor to notify the researcher or the organization of the results in order to consider informing participants, describes the steps followed and specifies a time frame during which the sponsor will communicate such findings.

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