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22. Responsibilities: Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

  • The VPRI is the institutional or signatory official (IO) on the University's FWA.
  • The VPRI provides general oversight for the HRPP.
  • The VPRI may ensure compliance through interpretation and consultation related to ethical principles, federal regulations and guidance, state and local laws, and University policy.
  • The VPRI ensures that the IRBs retain autonomy and remain free from undue influence on their decision-making.
  • The VPRI may investigate and make recommendations for resolution or corrective action involving allegations of attempts to limit or influence the IRB, IRB chairs or members, or RIO staff.
  • The VPRI ensures that adequate facilities, equipment, and resources are available to support the RIO Director and staff, and the IRBs, including Chairs and members in overseeing human subjects research.
  • The VPRI ensures that adequate resources exist to support the training and education requirements for researchers and individuals involved in the HRPP.
  • The VPRI may use the annual report and proposed budget prepared by the RIO director to assess the adequacy and allocation of resources for the program.
  • The VPRI ensures that resources are appropriately allocated to all components of the HRPP to insure the institution's responsibilities are met.
  • The VPRI ensures other institutional entities whose responsibilities or core business processes may intersect with the RIO and IRB support the HRPP and that these institutional components have the resources necessary to exercise their assigned authorities.
  • The VPRI is responsible for ensuring requirements are met for institutional reporting of serious or continuing non-compliance with the IRB, unanticipated problems involving risks to subjects or others, and any other emergent issues related to human subjects research.
  • The VPRI has the authority to limit or remove an investigator's privilege to conduct research.

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